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"I have been working with Debrae for almost 7 years now and writing this testimonial is a bit challenging, as there are few words (if any) that can express how important Debrae is to me.  I will try.  Debrae has changed my life.  To me she is my teacher, healer, therapist, and spiritual counselor. She is incredibly compassionate, intelligent, is impeccably responsible with clients emotions, and truly values her relationship with them.  She holds an endless amount of my trust.  My work with Debrae feels like secret gold, and I hope that many others can benefit from working with her as much as I have." - Wren Warner


"I have worked with Debrae and my guides for the past eight years, always over the phone as I live in a different area than she does.  Each session is a gift in itself, unique and powerful and moving and invariably surprising.  Even though it is by distance, I can feel the effects of the energy work on my body strongly.  Since the sessions are on tape, I can replay them to integrate the lessons.  During these years, I received support and guidance to accept and move through what felt like substantial emotional challenges, things that at times I honestly questioned if I could do without flying apart.  These have included a doctoral degree that has put me on my wonderful life path, healing addictive and family patterns, expressing and integrating old rage and dispersed parts of myself from childhood, and finding self trust in sexuality and in love.  Whatever situation I was going through, Debrae could hold that space, and I never felt judged.  More importantly, I feel like I now have TOOLS to help me navigate and make sense of the human world as a sensitive person.  It has made an amazing difference that I see in my interactions with my family, in my work, in my love life, in my day to day life out in the world.  Ipray that I’m going forward stronger and more tender now to be of service to my humans and non-humans. THANK YOU so much, Debrae for your generosity and genius.  You’re amazing!" - Megan Hyslop



“Debrae is the best of the best. I’ve worked with psychics and energy healers, and Debrae can do it all. Together we have talked with my spiritual guides about my life’s work and health, with my animal family, with deceased family, and with unconscious friends and family. Debrae has also performed effective, transformative energy work. She is kind, loving, nonjudgmental, and fun to work with. She is a truly gifted, compassionate person. I trust Debrae implicitly. I highly recommend her services.” - Robyn, Seattle.



"Debrae is so wonderful!!  A dynamic healer, full of love, instrumental in helping me understand myself, and life’s events in a deeper, more loving way. She opens, and shares her amazing gifts of healing with a great sense of respect, and humor for the healing process. I will be forever grateful."  - Claire Blumer



"My work with Debrae was my introduction to working with spirit guides and energy based healing from a remote source. I always felt profound shifts in my mind, body, and spirit, both during the session and for many weeks afterwards. There are pieces of information and counsel that I received a decade ago, that continue to provide me with solace and encouragement on my path of unfolding and healing." 



"Debrae and the work that she offers is imbued with a spirit of playfulness and curiosity, while delving into the depths of difficult places. I am deeply grateful to her for the many ways that her work has helped me to nurture the light inside myself."  - Elizabeth Giancola



"Our sessions have been life altering for me in the most empowering ways. “we are the creators” “we are the divine” are among the understandings I’ve come away sensing.  I’ve learned with you through my own life circumstances that the divine doesn’t happen to us, our consciousness is the divine playing. I am/we are all choosing to be here. Standing in that light makes a new life and a new world possible." - Laurel Fine

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