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Energy Healing: "The FireHawk Method" 


Debrae has been consistently learning and expanding her own style of energy work with her guides which is now called 'THE FIREHAWK METHOD".


She learned energy work by watching and experiencing her own guides and following the directions given. Also, she witnessed and received many hours of healing with others guides in her channeling group for over a period of 14 years.  The guides' approach was something she found deeply wise and healing, and more authentic than anything she had experienced before. 

For years she practiced, experimented, and allowed many levels of energy work to be perfected during her readings for folks and was supported by community feedback, to continue unfolding her work in this field.  Now many years later she has mastered this form and uses it widely in her readings as well as offering classes and training in "The FireHawk Method of Healing."


In her work, Debrae accesses the Great River of  Universal Love that is available to all of us at any time without exhaustion and allows her client's personal guides to guide her hands, giving you the healing you need in the specific places you need it.  She will simultaneously channel information about that specific blockage or issue, including suggestions from your guides and hers on health and rehabilitation procedures. 


Because energy work involves re-patterning the energetic body, it is a multi-leveled work; it may be just one session or it may require multiple sessions in a row or over a period of time. The energy’s movement depends on how deeply the pattern has been set in. It may also include removing energy that is not yours from your auric field. Debrae performs what some call Psychic Surgery when needed. This will always be communicated before performed. 

Energy work can be quite powerful. Appropriate self-care after treatment is recommended, including drinking plenty of fresh/filtered water and resting. In more dramatic cases, a deep nap may be appropriate directly following the session.

 Clients are always advised to seek independent medical evaluation and treatment for specific conditions.


For example, The Firehawk Method of Energy Work has been very successful with transforming;


- Pain/Symptoms due to Trauma of any kind

- Chronic pain patterns

- Dysfunctional Family Patterns, unconscious and conscious 

- Obsessive behavior and addictions, 

- Conscious and unconscious energy blockages, 

- Past/Alternative Life trauma and patterning

- DNA patterning 

- Cording between people, and reorganizing relationship dynamics

- Overcoming long held fears

- Reintegration of blocked memory

- Uncovering hidden places of power and healing in the energy field and body

- All the "runs" of energy in the system

and more! 



Always working with the gentlest of approaches, Debrae’s gifts lie in her abilities to hold safe, slow, attended space for real transformation that touches on the depth of need in the client.  And wraps the session up for easeful integration. 



Within "The FireHawk Method", 

Debrae offers:

Deep Spiritual Counseling

Advanced Energy Work (levels described above)

Psychic Surgery

Trauma Assistance and Healing

Aura Work and Aura Point Therapy

Death and Dying Attendance

Birth and Doula Attendance




Psychic Surgery

Debrae is sometimes guided to go deep into the system and remove a deeply held dysfunctional pattern within the system. This "surgery" is only needed when the pattern has imbedded itself so deeply, it cannot transform with "regular" energy work. There are many reasons one might need this and also many styles of this, so the guides, of course are at the helm and would suggest this if necessary. It does not hurt, and is done completely on the energetic level. 


Aura Point Therapy

Debrae works with a unique, particular energy system that became apparent after she did extensive energy healing work on clients’ body and auric layers. Her guides directed her to notice a grid work on the outermost layer of the aura and taught her how to work with it. This grid work appears like a map on the body, with crossing points on the grid similar to how ley lines appear on the earth. Debrae can see where these crossing points become locked, usually as a form of protection. Through energy work she can feel where the grid is locked and open the space, unblocking it so that a new, healthier energy pattern can be set in place. 


Debrae calls this unique work Aura Point Therapy. She employs it when a client’s personal guides suggest it, usually after a session of deeper energy work. It attunes the outer aura, so the body can mirror this harmony. It is used to break habits and chronic misalignments or to cleanse from trauma, intense fear, or surgery.

Chakra (Energy Center) Cleansing and Rebalancing

Debrae now calls Chakras Energy Centers,, and uses mostly energy work and sometimes rattle work, to cleanse and rebalance the energy centers of the body. She works with layers of the auric/energy body and follows your guides’ suggestions. There are many ways we have set your energy or have been corded by others, unconsciously. This work uncovers those patterns and begins a "rewiring" of sorts, to bring the client back to balance.

 You may request energy or rattle work when making your appointment or your guides may suggest it during your session. 

Trauma Assistance

Trauma comes in so many forms and affects us on so many different levels. Having a healing touch introduced into one's energy filed can be a welcomed shift, and in some cases, can deeply change the course of one’s life. 


When engaging with trauma, Debrae's gentle guided approach will often begin by supporting, communicating with, and then connecting the systems of the body and psyche that are affected to a deeper healing pattern. Looking deeply at the injury or situation, accessing, and moving forward with the energy healing that can be received and integrated that day. If needed, making a plan for future healing sessions. This includes assisting with diagnosis and treatment based on what she is guided to see. She will also ask the guides for solution and suggestions, so the client can leave with practical steps to take. 


In any trauma case, the earlier energy work is introduced the better. However, energy work can be very helpful at any point. This also includes childhood trauma, physical, emotional and sexual trauma, past life trauma or trauma within the DNA lines. Debrae can assist with both the person who has been traumatized and the families and friends who have been affected or are involved. 

Death and Dying

Debrae can communicate with the souls and guides of the dead, dying, or unconscious person. 

This can be a deeply emotional and triggering time, so Debrae offers support and specific energy work to assist with the dying process for all involved. Taking into account the oftentimes abrupt nature of death and its mysterious ways. 

 This channeling can offer peace and solace for patients and their families before, during and after the dying process. 

Grief can be large, and Debrae lovingly holds a large container for safe expression, healthy grieving and integration

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