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Psychic Communication & Spiritual Counseling


Debrae has an ability to hear and feel your own spiritual guides, angels, and loved ones. This deeply connects you to your own reading and allows her to work very specifically and efficiently. Her easy, relaxed, loving nature creates a comfortable, safe atmosphere to delve deeply into the psycho/emotional, physical, and spiritual realms of any issue. 


Debrae remains fully conscious and aware during her readings, and helps with explanation and direction. She directly relates what she sees and hears which creates an easy, relaxed atmosphere and allows her to also directly participate in the discussion if clients wish. It also allows her to use her educational background and spiritual training to assist with complex, personal issues in partnership with her guides and those of her clients.


Each reading begins with her connecting first with her own guides, allowing them to hold and clear her, so she can enter this work, from a humble , clear state, and openly receive direct information and guidance. 


Most readings include energy work at the same time as the information is being communicated. 

Debrae will always ask before she begins energy work. 


Click on an option or scroll down to learn more about:

Guided Spiritual Counseling
This term is used to describe the type of counseling most people enjoy. These readings incorporate information or messages from your guides, and in addition, use Debrae’s talents in counseling and explanation and her experience in working with guides to help you understand or solve the issues at hand. Most people find this creates a grounded and practical energy to the reading.
Psychic Sight / Medication Intuition
Using psychic sight and medical intuition Debrae can help identify the roots of imbalances or pain. There are, often times, many levels of cause and effect in the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Debrae can, as well, use various forms of energy work to balance the body and restore health and/or refer you to appropriate medical specialists.

Location of the Lost
Psychic sight can help locate lost loved ones, whether human or animal. There are numerous ways that this information can come through.  This can be a simple or complex process, depending on the circumstances.
Past and/or Alternate Lives

Sometimes during a reading Debrae will get visions of past lives that are affecting the present life. She always asks both you and your guides before she shares these visions.  Exploring one’s soul’s previous lives can both intrigue and frighten people. While past life reading and/or regression is widely misunderstood, in Debrae’s experience it can help clarify a long-term energy issue and help reveal the path to understanding or resolving a personal relationship. 

She has discovered that there are both subtle and dramatic ways that our past lives can affect us today. These past-life imprints can affect our current life in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways. When we understand these imprints we can begin to let go of the unconscious pattern and transform our current state of consciousness.


Debrae can also facilitate past life regressions for clients who are open to this.


During a past life regression, Debrae and your guides lead you through your own journey. Done similar to a guided meditation, this can be very deep, emotional, and informative. Debrae has learned that the stories of our many lives are told through our physical and energetic bodies and simply need our attention, love and directed energy to transform. 


A similar guided meditation would be used for uncovering alternate lives as well. 



House/Space Clearing

Sometimes spirits who have not passed on to the next level of their journey occupy houses or spaces, also energies of past occupants can be absorbed into the structure. This can cause disruption or discomfort on this plane and can often times be perceived, in some way, by the currant residents. 

Debrae can read the space and communicate with the energies and their guides and help them process and achieve transformation. This allows the space to clear and feel refreshed.  New, chosen, energy patterns can be introduced. 


In addition, sometimes there are portals or ‘doorways’ that are connected to a physical space. These can be cleared by using psychic sight and conversing with the spirits involved. While this can be done over the phone, in stronger cases an in-person reading is advised.


Many folks find it helpful to start in their new home or space, by having the energy read, cleared and opened. This can be done at any time, but is recommended before you move into the space. This can also be done in your office, studio, car/RV, boat, yurt, treehouse or whatever you’ve got!



Communication with Those Who Have Passed

Communicating with our deceased loved ones can be an emotional, cleansing, and peaceful event. Most folks find it helpful and it is not to be undertaken lightly, as it can bring large emotions that might feel most comfortable in private or at a specific time. 


Sometimes your deceased loved ones may ask to speak to you during a reading with your guides. If this occurs, Debrae always asks you and your guides before allowing them to speak. She can then facilitate a conversation with them as easily as she does with your guides.


Sometimes clients ask to speak to their deceased loved ones. Most often these people are eager to speak to you. On rare occasions the deceased person is undergoing a transformation that makes it difficult or impossible to communicate, and clients are invited to ask again at a later time.



Tarot Readings
Tarot readings are a form of divining. Information for clients is understood through the pictures on the cards, the significance of which is revealed during a reading. 

Debrae offers readings with the Daughters of the Moon deck and the Angel Messenger cards.

The four most often used readings are outlined below; however, Debrae can also tailor a custom reading for your situation.

The 11-card reading lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours. It is based on the ancient tarot configuration of the "Tree of Life.” It looks at a specific situation, such as a new job or career transition, relationship issue, or a life event.

  1. Present situation
  2. Energy around the situation
  3. Possible obstacles or challenges within the situation
  4. Energy or issues underneath the situation
  5. Energy or messages from your guides
  6. Recent past (within the past 3 months)
  7. Immediate future (the next 3 months)
  8. Source of strength
  9. Environment (the people and circumstances around you)
10. Hopes and fears (what you hope for and fear at the same time)
11. Eventual outcome (within a year)

The 7-card reading lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. It offers a briefer, generalized examination of a specific situation.

1. Your question
2. Challenges
3. Players (other people or energy involved) 
4. Path to peaceful solution
5. Message from higher self
6. Message from your guides
7. Outcome

The 10-card relationship reading lasts 1-1/2 to 2 hours. This reading is for relationship issues between people or between people and animals. One card is pulled for each person. (If there are more than two people within the situation more cards would be drawn and the time expected is more, of course.)

1. Main issue at hand
2. What is hidden from view
3. Sources of strength and love
4. Lessons
5. Pathway to connection/healing

The 7-card chakra reading lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. It explores health issues and examines what information lies in the chakras.

1. Root
2. Creative
3. Solar Plexus (Will)
4. Heart
5. Throat
6. Third Eye
7. Crown
past lives
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