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Answers to common questions are below. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact Debrae.


What happens in a reading?

Readings follow a basic format. Most often your guides will introduce themselves in some form, either with words or with visions that I can see, hear, and describe to you. 


Readings are 1-1/2 hours long. They proceed as follows:

  • The client calls or arrives at  the agreed  upon time.

  • I record sessions  and send to client via email within a week or so of the reading. 

  • the Client then shares questions/concerns for the reading.

  • I tune to client’s guides and share what I see, hear, and feel.

  • I can also communicate with deceased loved ones, depending on their own state of transition.

  • Often additional questions or concerns arise that the guides or client wish to discuss and/or clarify.

  • often times Energy work happens at the same time that information is being shared.  



What kind of channeling do you do?

I act as a direct link to a client’s personal spiritual guides and/or to the deceased people a client wishes to speak with. I am always awake and aware of what is going on, although many times will not remember specifically what I have channeled after some time. I stay present as Debrae, but am speaking the words or feelings of your guides and directly share what I see with clients. I am not a trance channeler: this means I do not ‘go away’ and allow a spiritual being to use my body to communicate. I do allow personal guides to channel healing energy through me in energy sessions, if I and my guides and clients and their guides agree, and there are times when I will allow a guide to speak through me, but I never lose consciousness or presence.


What are spiritual guides and guardian angels?

Spiritual guides are beings that are connected specifically to you and your process on the earth at this time. They can appear in many forms, and there are often many guides. They have no other agenda but to guide and support you during this life.  


I believe guardian angel is really just another name for our guides, the beings that are always with us.  


Angels, I have found, seem to oversee, or connect with many beings as well, and usually show up when there is a trauma or very large transitional event or problem. They are huge, in quality, and beaming with solid love. And they don’t seem to stick around for the everyday experience as much. Some folks have very traumatic lives so they manifest more frequently with them.

What in general can I expect from a discussion with a deceased loved one? 

First, we check in to see if the spirit is available. 

If so, then the guides help us to decide when to speak with them. We then follow what is needed from there. 


Everyone takes away something different from their experience, but most people find it very informative.  some are able to feel peace, more deeply understand their loved one's journey, and find effective closure if needed.  As well, the deceased person can also find peace by being able to have a moment to express love, gratitude, apology, and can be ushered forward if that is needed. 


This work can be profound, and as well, slightly unpredictable. Sometimes it is appropriate to check back in after a period of time and see the progression of the spirit. 

Can you speak with living and deceased animal companions? Yes. My work with animals is much the same as with humans. Usually, I just read, or communicate with the spirit of the animal and let you know what they are saying.  Sometimes I will use psychic sight and medical intuition to see into their bodies energy fields to assist with diagnosis and health solutions.


Can you do energy healing for animals?
Yes. As well, it is the same as with humans. Some animals love it and others don’t, but it can be very effective, especially over time. 

Can you help find lost animals? 
Yes. As with humans, we can use psychic sight, as well as channeling the spirit of the lost companions themselves. If the information is given, we can then determine if the animal is alive and where it may be and how it may be found.

What is past life regression?
In a past life regression, I allow your guides to lead you through a guided meditation to see your own past lives. Most people have lived more than just one, so the choice of which life shall be revealed is up to your guides. This is deep work, and very rewarding and informative. I bring you to the past, where you can see and feel who, what and where you have been before. This also allows you a window into your own abilities to connect across time and understand yourself as a continuous spirit energy body.  It can take as short as 10 minutes or as long as an hour depending on how deeply we move into the life itself, how many relationships need to be examined and how many events there are to be uncovered.

Some people choose not to regress and would rather have me look into it and tell them what happened. Then I call it a “past life reading”, and it can encompass a whole reading time or just be part of one.

What is tarot? Why would I want a tarot reading?
Tarot is an ancient form of shuffling, pulling, reading and interpreting cards. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of tarot. I mostly use the Daughters of the Moon deck. As well, I use the Angel Messenger cards when the guides recommend it.
People usually enjoy using tarot because it gives images that folks can relate to, in order to more fully understand the information that is being given. It also can give specific information for energetic transformation or forewarn about a bad situation.

What does energy work do, exactly?
Well, it first focuses on informing the client of the state of the energy body. For example, if there is a blockage in the energy system, or if everything is running along smoothly.

Next, we begin to hold, love, give voice to, and remove or move to transformation anything that is held and ready to let go or be processed at the time. 

I have seen energy work lessen the trauma within the body, bring bumps and bruises down instantly, relieve pain, alleviate physical symptoms, calm and bring understanding to emotional turmoil, help folks to feel deeply, deeply nurtured, and much more!
Some folks claim I have cured them of both small and large physical imbalances, but I believe it is the person whose belief is strong and whose path and willingness has called them to release this problem or pattern for good. I simply act as a conduit or the spark to support the healing process already underway inside of the clients themselves. I call on their own natural propensity to heal themselves! 

Can I get a reading today and pay later or over time?
Most definitely. I would rather folks get the attention they need when they need it and just make a plan for later payment.

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