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All of Debrae’s fees are on a sliding scale basis. This is how she helps create new forms of business and opportunity in the world and makes her work accessible to all.

Her base fee for a 1-1/2 hour psychic communication session

is $175.  The sliding scale goes up to $250 and down to $125. 

A sliding scale system works because those who earn less or have extenuating circumstances will pay less for services, or set up a payment plan. This allows them to have the services they need and deserve in their moment of need. Those who have the financial security or abundance are asked to offer more than the base fee, and for the truly blessed, offer even more than the top of the scale.

Affordability is very important in this work. By wealthy folks paying more, this is how the sliding scale balances out, allowing everyone access to their Guides and Debrae to make her living. 


All fees can be discussed at the time of the reading. Debrae has a knack for helping her clients to feel safe and comfortable talking about money arrangements.


Tarot Readings
Tarot readings vary greatly in number of cards and time spent reading them, therefore, the fee scale is very variable as well. So the $175 base rate would be prorated for the type of reading. 

45min, 1 hour and the regular 1 and a half. 

Tarot can be included in a regular spiritual counseling session, just ask :)

Doula Services
Debrae’s services can include a full package offering both physical and spirit-based doula services.

Pricing is on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact Debrae for specifics.

Interfaith Ministry
Wedding ceremonies are also on a sliding scale fee of $250–$650, depending on the writing of the ceremony, counseling sessions needed, and of course, the income scale of the clients.

Please consult Debrae for specifics.

Other ceremonies for life events, including birth, menstruation, crones, new businesses, new directions, sabot rituals and ceremonies, and funerals are all decided on a case by case basis. 

Please consult Debrae for specifics.

Prices for classes, workshops, and performances vary. Please contact Debrae for specifics.



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