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This can be done in person or across space. Her counseling as a doula does not require her physical presence during pregnancy or delivery. It can be done on a phone consult over time. It involves making the same birth plan with the parent(s) to be, but requires that another doula do the physical work, if Debrae cannot be physically present. Debrae would be available for consulting and energy work during the process. Spirit-based doula support, in effect, allows Debrae to be part of the team without being physically present.

Otherwise, if you choose Debrae as your physical doula for your birth, she would provide counseling and be the on-site support for the woman and baby during the pregnancy and the actual birth. If Debrae is physically present during birth, her services include:

•    Direct moral support and relaxation counseling
•    Massage techniques
•    Positioning
•    Flower essences
•    Specific guided meditations (also by phone)
•    Specific techniques channeled for you and your babe
•    Acts as a spiritual anchor during the birth process
•    Performs birthing rituals if desired



Debrae also offers pregnancy, miscarriage, and abortion counseling.

Pricing is on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Debrae for specifics.

Doula Services

Debrae offers what she calls spirit-based doula support

to women and families of all walks of life.

This work includes sitting with the parent(s) to be and focusing with the guides and the spirit of the fetus to devise the most supportive plan for the birth and after care. This process would, of course, include your midwife or doctor, if appropriate.  Debrae’s role varies according to the needs and wishes of the parent(s).

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