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 Inter-Jaith Ministry and Ceremonies


Debrae is licensed in the state of California and can conduct her work as an inter-faith minister throughout the United States.

As an inter-faith minister Debrae is open and willing to involve all forms of spiritual belief to help you create your perfect ceremony. She officiates weddings, funerals, and rights of passage and more. 


Debrae offers a wedding package that includes:

•    Ceremony co-creation/writing
•    Two counseling sessions
•    Rehearsal
•    Performance of ceremony

She is also available for simpler and smaller wedding ceremonies and can be the acting minister for an already created ceremony, simply coming to the rehearsal and ceremony. 


Sabot rituals and ceremonies, rites of passage, blessing ways or shower blessings, baby naming and foot placing, menstruation and menopause, crone blessings, business clearings and blessings, new life direction rituals,  funerals/life celebrations and others.

Debrae can create a custom ceremony for your unique celebration.

Debrae believes her spiritual calling is deeper than one religion, and that we are all connected within the basic idea of spirituality across religions, which is LOVE. She also believes that women need a greater place and representation in the ministry. 

In 1990 she began keeping the seasonal sabots, and leading rituals and circles to hold space for the Old Religion and the elements. As well, she researched the more ancient European indigenous rituals and found many elements of the religions today. Totally taken and fascinated with how different cultures and people express ceremonially, she began to study the ceremonies of the other cultures. Already having been to Costa Rica at 19, at 23 she ventured out on a fully guide guided trip to Guatemala. This solidified her deeply trusted relationship with her guides. A complicated bond that grows stronger everyday.  When she returned, she continued her study and travel to include Afro-Cuban traditions,  West African dances, songs, rhythms, and ceremony traditions of Guinea and Mali and as well Haitian culture.

Her ongoing studies have greatly enriched her experience and knowledge of different cultures’ spirituality; this makes her an informed, sensitive and comfortable minister who incorporates her rich, diverse experience into her counseling and ceremonies.  

Debrae believes deeply that anyone, of any gender, class, race, or belief is allowed to marry who they are in love with and enjoy the benefits of any ritual that resonates with their lives.


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