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Debrae FireHawk has heard her personal guides and experienced psychic perception since she was a small child. For over 30 years she has followed her passion and unique talent to become a gifted and respected psychic communicator. Able to facilitate intimate, loving communication between her clients and their personal spiritual guides, ancestors, and angels. 


Debrae can work with all aspects of the psychic plane, and directly communicates with and interprets information from the helpful energies that surround each client.  This allows clients to directly experience the loving guidance and support they need in the moment. She also clearly experiences and works with deep psychospiritual states and beliefs that are held in each clients system, delivering information and suggestions for transformation or continued contemplation. 


Debrae’s training for this work was both intense and informal. She came to this work after graduating with a BA in Psychology from UMass and moving to Eugene, OR. It was here that she met the women in her channeling group, which would last for the next 14 years...meeting regularly and supporting each other to channel both their own souls voice and that of their guides.  In this safe and loving context she nurtured and trained with her own guides and the guides of others within the group. In this way she gained access to many new pathways for healing wounds, transforming energy and effectively counseling people through their transitions and awakenings. 


During these years of “training”, she created her own form of energy work, which has helped many clients transform and access their own healing, both in the moment and in finding long-term solutions to their concerns.  


Another avenue of Debrae's training involves assisting with the birth process. The innate interest she has in spiritual health and birth led to her train as a Doula. Today she provides both distance and hands-on Doula services for expectant mothers and families.


In 2001 Debrae was asked to do her first wedding. Immediately noticing how obviously suited she was for this, she began her journey as an inter-faith minister. She found a deep interest in the way different cultures, both ancient and present, perform their ceremonies. This informs her approach in creating ceremonies and officiating for both traditional and alternative services for weddings and other rites of passage. She enjoys thoroughly every wedding she has ever performed, and considers it an honor every time. 


Lastly Debrae is an Artist of many styles. She began studying and performing dance at the age of  7 and continues to this day. She expanded to teaching and choreographing by age 16. Her education at UMass was also strongly focused in the dance world, majoring in Dance for 2 years of her stay.  Simultaneously she was singing and performing in numerous choirs, musicals, bands and cabarets since her teen years.  Participating in many professional performance groups throughout the years; dance, music, singing and theater are still great passions in her life.


After an accident in 2008, Debrae began painting and studying visual art. Her art has come along and she now sells prints and originals. 

Most recently Debrae began to DJ for ecstatic dance and now facilitates dance journeys in that forum. 


She is presently expanding her DJ services. 


You will find sections for each of these services on this site. 


Enjoy!! and thanks for your interest.  

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