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Classes & Workshops​​


Groups/Open Channeling

Another way to receive the wisdom of the guides is to have a group channeling. Debrae has worked with groups in various capacities, for example she can come to your home, gathering or retreat and channel small mini readings for each person in the circle. Tarot, Aura point therapy and Rattle work could also be used in this forum. 

Lecturing on the psychic and channeling process is yet another way Debrae offers this work to the world. 

She can lecture on energy fields, talking with your guides, talking with those who have passed, "The FireHawk Method of Healing" , and other options as well.. 

she also can simply lecture on the experiences she has had as the human witness to this consistent healing, and wisdom she has gained through channeling over time.

Another option for group channeling allows Debrae to give brief, personal mini-readings for each group member within a large group format, and also do a brief overview channel for the whole group itself. 




Debrae can also give lectures on all areas of her work, including psychic communication, spiritual guides and global issues, tarot, channeling, energy work, and talking with the deceased.  Please inquire for specifics.




Debrae has extensive experience teaching channeling, psychic communication, and energy work.  
Classes and workshops can include any and all areas of her work, and can be for your specific group or community open request. Please email Debrae to get on her Workshop Email List, to be informed of all classes being offered. 




Currently Running Classes

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Facilitate an appearance 

Invite Debrae to your area.

Debrae is always interested in finding individuals who can facilitate her appearances in different cities. This work would include organizing times and spaces for readings, lectures, classes and journeys.

Please contact Debrae if you are interested in bringing her to your city.

If you would like to be on your city’s mailing list, please contact Debrae

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