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You have been guided here, either by a friend or loved one, or by your own intention and I feel honored to receive you!

For over 25 years I have worked as a professional psychic communicator, spiritual counselor and energy worker

and very much enjoy sharing the love and perspective of those who guide us to

awareness, empowerment, and right relationship. 


Debrae FireHawk

”I believe in LOVE! It is my one true faith, and I can feel deeply THIS is what we are made of; it is where we came from and where we all will return to. It is within us and without us all of the time and is an unstoppable force of energy and healing! Highly underrated, LOVE, when we’ve realized how much we actually have of it, will heal this world!


My clients find their sessions informative, fun, and deeply moving. 

Please explore the different services and work I offer, and feel free to ask for something if you don't see it listed. The psychic plane is vast and mysterious, so don’t feel shy about sharing your own specific circumstances.


I welcome those who feel marginalized and serve all beings equally."


-Debrae FireHawk

Mikka | Debrae FireHawk

Along with her soul companion, Mikka, Debrae creates a comfortable and safe atmosphere for clients to delve deeply into the multi leveled realms of the issues that concern them. 

Well grounded in her work from years of experience, she offers unshakable support with even the deepest, most complex issues.




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Readings last an hour and a half and you will receive a recording of the session within 10 days. 

(No information is needed before the reading.)


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